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Domain name and email services

Tuen Productions can provide you with your own domain name and as many email addresses as needed by your business, at very reasonable cost.

If you already have your web site, or you only need a domain name and email address, we can provide these to you.

Domain Price Domain Price $37.95  2 Years $24.50  1 Year
com $12.50  1 Year $25.00  2 Years

All prices in Australian dollars.    Full domain list and pricing here.

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Email Address

One time setup cost for 20 email addresses: $20
Additional email addresses at $1 each

Yearly maintenance charge: $15 per domain (excludes domain charges)

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Mailing list Service(What is a mailing list?)

One time setup cost of $20 per mailing list, up to 100 email addresses.
You need to provide a softcopy list of email addresses. There will be a charge of 10 cents per email address over 100 email addresses, and if you provide us with a fax or hardcopy list of your emails and we have to type in the addresses, there will be a charge of $1 per email address, including for the initial 100 email addresses.

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