Do you want a flashy web site with plenty of bells and whistles, or do you want to sell your products and services?

At Tuen Productions, we believe in simplicity to get your message across to your existing and potential customers.  

A business web site should be simple, clean and well structured.

Our e-commerce and information sites are pleasant to look at, easy to navigate, easy to understand, and will help you sell more products and services.   After all, that's what you are paying for.

As for our business approach, we believe in individual attention to each of our customer's needs. Many other companies offering online shopfronts provide fully automated mass marketing setups. The result is that you are left to painstakingly read through pages and pages of help documents in order to learn how to do all the work of properly customising your shopfront, uploading your photos, typing your product descriptions, prices, sizes, colour, delivery costs, insurance costs, terms of service, returns policy etc.

Here we do most of the hard work for you. When we hand over the online shop to you, you can begin selling immediately. And because we have already setup your initial 10 products for you, you will find it very easy to add more products to your shopfront following the templates that we have already put in place. We know that your main focus is in selling your products, not in setting up and maintaining your shop front.